How I describe my voice: My voice is raspy and a bit deeper more feminine and mature

Describe your personality: Upbeat and flirty also a bit sassy but that’s what us southern girls are right?

Submissive or Dominant: I tend to be a switch. I don’t mind telling you what I want and being told how to please you

Personal Fetishes/Kinks: I love being watched and caught by people I have many stories about that

Favorite position: Honestly as slutty as I am is there just one? No but if I had to pick one it’s doggy . Anything backdoor gets me wet

Top 10 favorite roleplays and fetishes:

  • Group Sex
  • Cum Shots
  • Cum Shots
  • BJ
  • Anal
  • Mutual Masturbation
  • Gang bangs
  • CBT
  • Golden / Brown / Rainbow Showers
  • GFE
  • JOI

A few more roleplays and fetishes I enjoy:

  • Taboo Roleplays
  • Forced Femme
  • Barely Legal
  • Adult Babies
  • Race Play
  • Bisexual
  • Gagging
  • Religious Play
  • Forced Intoxication
  • Glory Holes
Basically I am a very open minded little slut yes I do love to feminize my boys too you can also say I love to be tied up and whipped into submission myself.

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