Favorite Position:  Doggy, and anything back door

Favorite Roleplay: Being  in a gangbang with it ending in a bukkake (don’t know what a bukkake is, then you HAVE to call me!)

Favorite Experience: Getting fucked by a priest in a church confessional

I love:

  • Anal Play
  • Adult Babies
  • CBT
  • Bisexual Play
  • Trannie Play
  • BDSM
  • Golden and Brown Showers
  • Rainbow Showers
  • BDSM
  • Mutual Masturbation
  • Sissy Boys – Feminization
  • And MUCH MORE!

4 thoughts on “Veronica

  1. Hello Veronica. You remind me of an old girlfriend, also named Veronica. Would love to have a call. Please let me know your availability. Thanks.

  2. One of the the best for gangbang just have to seat back and listen to you talk and being surrounded by big black men with monster cocks always love to rape you love you

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