These are a reminder of the policies you were emailed, please refer back to this page anytime you forget or lose the email. **Policies are subject to change
If you have any questions, please contact Stacey or Jenna at oysdispatcher@gmail.com or 702-583-6164



1. When a dispatcher sends you a call, please email or call back right away with the total time. NO TEXTING. You can Call in your times, but email is preferred.
email: oysdispatcher@gmail.com
Dispatch number is: 702-583-6164
**when emailing put: Jeff R 20 Brittany (as an example. Brittany would be your model name).
2. If you need to talk to a dispatcher: Please call the dispatcher at any of the 800#s on the sites or on the
dispatch # 702-583-6164 and no other
– even if it’s another dispatcher who calls you, call the number above. Dispatcher area codes are 702, 302, 503, 219 or you may get some coming from varying 800#s. NO TEXTING
If you cannot get a hold of the dispatcher when you call in, we may be really busy, so please try back again. If you still can’t get anyone, please email in your question or time
3. When calling a client back, please call them within 2 minutes of receiving their information if possible. If you think you’ll be delayed, please let the dispatcher know
If you cannot get a hold of a client after trying him 2 times, CALL the dispatcher back immediately (do not text or email, CALL)
4. If you do not sign in for a 5 days without giving notice, we will assume that you quit and give away your position. Please email us letting us know that you will be away. This is a regular job, so we need to know. If we email you even after you send us notice, I apologize, but please just remind us that you’ll be back.
5. Sign off of NF before taking a dispatch call AND if you’re done and not working for awhile.
6. When given a max time limit for a client, DO NOT GO OVER that time, call dispatch to extend it. There’s always a reason why the client has a max amount of time
7. If you do not email or call back after you take a dispatch call to report the time, you will not be paid for it. How can I charge a client and pay you if you don’t tell me the time?
8. Pay days: This is in your Agreement, but to remind you, the pay period is from the 1st-15th, paid on the 20th. And the 16-end of month, paid on the 5th.
9. THREE STRIKE RULE – we have had issues with people not following some of these polices and instructions and therefore, if you mess up 3 times, you will be terminated.
We do give you a week to get to know the policies, so there will be some leeway there.
Here are the major ones:
1. Sign off of NF when taking a dispatch call.
2. ANSWER your phone when the dispatcher calls you when you’re logged on.
3. DO NOT go over your time limit
4. Sign off if you don’t want to take calls (for the night or for however long, because if the dispatcher calls and you don’t answer, they will be pissed).
5. REPORT in your time IMMEDIATELY if you want to get paid!
We do reserve the right to terminate your employment at any time, 3 strikes or not
10. You will be deducted $1 for every call you miss on Niteflirt that is not system error. If you miss a call on dispatch it just irks me. Excessive missed calls will result in termination
If you miss a NiteFlirt call that is not your fault (do to system error or otherwise), please keep track of them and send them in on the day after the pay period ends… ie: the 1st and the 16th.
11. Not following the instructions is ground for immediate termination


Missing NiteFlirt Calls (the automated system)

Just an FYI when you miss a call on NiteFlirt we charge you $1 per missed call when it’s not a system glitch.
You are not charged if:
1. You miss a call because of a direct connect through dispatch
2. You miss a call because there is a NF glitch (one being if they call you while you’re on another NF call), but there are others
3. You miss a call because you log off of NF and NF calls you anyway (which means someone was actually calling you while you were signing off but it didn’t come through till after you signed off)
EMAIL in your missed calls the day after the pay period (1st and the 16th). NOTE – NF calls you 2 times before it signs you off. So only count the second call as missed.
let us know if you have any questions. I know it can be a little confusing. Feel free to call email us anytime
**When you log into NiteFlirt, you are automatically logged into dispatch. If you do not log into NiteFlirt then you are not available for calls**




Dispatch Phone number: 702-583-6164
Dispatch Email: oysdispatcher@gmail.com
You will know if you are getting a call from dispatcher because it will be a live person
1. The dispatcher will give you the client’s info
2. Sign off of Niteflirt
3. Call the client back (press *67 then the phone number to block your number)
4. When done with the call, email oysdispatcher@gmail.com to report your total mins. OR call the number above and report the total mins to the dispatcher
Make sure you report them the way requested in the Policy email.
EMAIL PREFERRED so we have a record of you sending in your time
5. Log back into NiteFlirt (the 800 number you called the sign on and record your greetings) when done with the dispatch call if you’d still like to be taking calls.
6. Keep track of your minutes. We will send you a spreadsheet at the end of the pay period to verify there isn’t any discrepancies, if there are, we like to get them fixed before your pay goes in.




  1. CALL: 1-800-775-5898 (enter your pin) to log in.  (Your pin will be given after we go over all this info with you)
  1. An automated machine will call you if you have a call and you’ll be automatically connected to the caller
When you are on a NiteFlirt, call the dispatcher will see that and know to not give you a call.
  1. Do NOT report your minutes from NiteFlirt to a dispatcher, they are automatically reported to us.  But keep track of the minutes only (not the dollar amount the machine tells you) to make sure everything matches up at the end of the pay period when you review your spreadsheet