How I describe my voice: young and bubbly

Describe your personality: Daddy’s , spoiled brat.  That can be dominating or very submissive. In a naughty, Slutty way.

Submissive or Dominant:  Dominant and Submissive

Personal Fetishes/Kinks: um bucket, Daddys slutty gal, Edging, sissies , Accomplice,  Race, Brown and golden, Girl next door,  Tickling, barely legal and Age role-playing

Favorite position: doggy

Top 10 favorite roleplays and fetishes:

  • Daddys Girl
  • Cum Shots
  • Age Play
  • Barely Legal
  • Tickling
  • Race play
  • Accomplice
  • Race Play
  • Sissies
  • Adult Baby
  • Asian Slave Slut

 Love to have fun being, naughty, dirty and nasty.  Speak Japanese with English