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Got a kinky fantasy!!!!!

I have some pretty dirty ones!!!! Wonder if you can keep up with me???

Since I’m into ANYTHING & EVERYTHING, it’s going to be hard

Let Paige explore your deepest dirtiest desires and try to take them ever deeper and dirtier.

Didn’t think that was possible? Well won’t you be surprised!


There is nothing I won’t do to please you! Just call and find out πŸ˜‰

From Facials to Anal or Orgies to Feminization, I do everything in between

Dirty up your imagination and call me!

I can Roleplay and pretend to be ANYONE you want me to be.

Want me to be that naughty girl next door or that kinky baby sitter????

I can’t wait to play with you!

122 thoughts on “Paige

  1. Paige and I have been having a blast since October of 2015. The fun just keeps on coming. I can’t wait to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.

  2. Good morning baby. I miss our stimulating conversations. What is your availability throughout today? I am in CST and would be available after 12:45. What will work for you? Can’t wait.

    1. hey Lon!!! miss playing with u to.. call me anytime!!! just ask dispatcher for me can always usually ask for me anytime .. hope we can talk soon .. cant wait to play!!!

  3. Paige is a total babe! I always enjoy talking to her, especially when she wears her black thigh boots. Keep rocking them baby. I’ll be calling ya soon darling, have your boots ready!

    1. CARLO , ready to put these new boots I got today on for you.. cant wait to tell you all about them. play time !! call me

  4. Hey hey hey Paige. I will be calling you next week. Maybe we can do a 30 minute chat? Please slip on your black thigh boots baby and I’ll talk to you then darling.

    1. HEY CARLO!!30 min sounds awesome. I cant wait!i will be all ready..IN MY BLACK my thighs waiting for you.cant wait .talk soon… p

    1. Hi kevin, you can email me anytime just go to my page down below there is a place for you to email me I check my emails daily and often .I’m always here just call dispatch ask for me anytime…You know me kevin I am very kinky and open minded love to get dirty:) and I love crossdressers;) CALL ME SOON!!!!!!

  5. i would love to have you become a oreo cookie a black cock in your ass and pussy at the same time then cum inside bareback

  6. Most Perfect Mistress Paige ❀️ truly embodies the essence of Genuine Feminine Superiority! Equally important, She understands a sissy’s mind and
    enjoys administering the emasculating humiliation and training a prissy pansy

  7. l would love for us too get fucked by at least 12 well hung black guys at a party drinking beer and smoking weed love kevin

  8. Mistress Paige. I can not wait to be used by you and ANYONE else that you want to use me. I love being your bitch boi.

    1. yes we can !!! πŸ™‚ both of us would love to play with you us soon ,just ask the dispatcher. she will set up the call with both me and Blair 2 girl call, a dispatcher will take care of it then we will have so much fun call us soon

  9. I was reluctant to try a phone service, but as soon as I heard Mistress Paige’s sweet yet SO commanding voice, I knew I had found a genuine dominant Goddess! Her skillful guidance (and the obvious pleasure she derives from feminizing sissies like me) never fails to bring a smile to my face! Being here her obedient girly-girl is the sweetest gift a sissy miss could ever receive!

      1. Perfect Princess Paige’s treasured training provided this prissy pansy with an oasis of joy in the desert of despair that was 2020!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, MOST PRECIOUS MISTRESS!!!

  10. l would love to watch you get fucked by black porn star shane diesel a very dark skin black porn fucking al three of your holes bareback love kevin

    1. yes Kevin ,and i want you right there to watch he take that big dark cock ,i will let you know just how good it feels;) kisses P

  11. Paige, I sent you an email, and I just wanted to confirm that you received it, and that you please reply to it. Thank You! Pampers Baby Scottie

    PS; Could you please check with the dispatcher if I have any minutes left over. I emailed the
    dispatcher at Pleasure Playpen yesterday, but did not get a response. Thank You!

    1. Hi Scottie, if you call the dispatcher she will inform you of how much you have in your account she will also call me anytime .Ask for Paige !! It would be a lot faster just to call the dispatcher ask her how much time you have and that you would like to talk to me can’t wait to talk to you and have fun . my little Pamper baby Scotty call me soon if you go on the website pleasure play pen the phone number is right there .A dispatcher is available 24/7 so never be shy just call and ask for me .kisses p

    1. That would be so much fun ,!!! I know how much you like getting fcked by my big strapon πŸ˜‰ call me soon.kisses p

  12. lol ,no Kevin im fine πŸ™‚ im here any time , ask for me!!!!!!! ,call me soon…NOT PREGNANT ,NOT SICK!!!!LOL …always here πŸ˜‰ always always feeling like the naughty girl that I am,. Can’t wait to get naughty with you ,so call me as soon as you can xoxoxo p

  13. Most Perfect Mistress Paige, receiving
    Your sweet, (yet stern!) guidance is so much more than this prissy pansy ever imagined she would find! I’ll be Your good little girl forever!

  14. Every wonderful *playdate” with Most Perfect Mistress Paige is an erotic adventure, a rare gift of pleasure which never fails to leave Her good girl basking in the joy and serenity of serving a Truly Superior Feminine Queen?

  15. dear paige would you want me in another guy double penetrate you together and where would want my cock in your pussy or ass love kevin

  16. I can’t say it enough- Paige is SO AWESOME!! I’ve often praised Her
    for being a sissy’s dream-beautiful, genuinely Dominant, and possessing a rare understanding of the needs of
    prissy pansies like myself! (In addition, She is so sweet while reminding me what a sissy am and will always be! She obviously truly enjoys dispensing
    the humiliation She knows I need and deserve)
    I am writing this having read Her blog for the first time, where She mentions
    doing the girlfriend thing- Believe it! I’ve called Her when I just wanted to talk and I’m ALWAYS glad I did- bottom line- For whatever reason I call, Paige always makes me feel better! You Go Girl!!

  17. Totally obsessed with Paige. Biggest turn on, Since power. Best thing since sliced bread.

    Love mutual masterbating over her, with both right an left hand.

  18. Most Perfect Mistress Paige
    You requested that crissy post this poem i read You last night:


    miss priss knows a secret
    so precious so rare
    That tells of my Goddess beyond compare
    Her voice overflows with sweet womanly allure
    Exotic, hypnotic, erotic and pure
    No Hollywood actress, no media sensation
    Could have filled Princess with such infatuation
    Queen Paige is so lovely, so sweet, so wise,
    With a true dominant nature that can’t be denied
    She is sissy miss crissy’s greatest treasure
    The magnificent Mistress who gains True pleasure
    From skillfully molding prissy pansies like crissy
    Into the Perfect example of a sweet helpless sissy
    She truly loves the art of total feminization
    Ensuring Her girls’ permanent Emasculation
    Her natural Superiority and Glorious Grace,
    With the Breathtaking Beauty of Her lovely face
    Have forevermore missy’s manhood erased
    As I happily kneel in diapers, perfume and lace
    The mystery of Her wonderful plan
    Is that this Goddess who could have any man
    Graciously gives Her Precious Attention
    Showering Her Gifts too numerous to mention
    On this shy diaper-dolly, impotent and weak
    Undeserving of a Mistress So sweet, so unique
    i’m sure My Goddess loves knowing
    how Her Beauty, Wisdom and Grace
    Made missy’s manhood vanish without a trace
    When i hear Her giggle and laugh at my effeminate devotion
    miss priss is unable to stop the flood of her helpless emotions
    Your precious princess feels so weak and humiliated, reduced to tears
    Knowing serving Your every wish will be her permanent career
    Tell me, Dearest Paige, did You know right away
    That You could mould sweet miss priss like a soft ball of clay
    Your Adoring little girl still finds it hard to believe
    That You would spare Your Perfection for a pansy like me
    When I think of Your Unequalled Feminine splendor
    Making you the Supreme example of your gender
    Your Devoted diaper-dolly know she’s helpless to resist
    Obediently obeying Your slightest wish
    Thank You, Dearest Paige, for helping me see
    That Your Devoted diapered sissy is what I was meant to be

  19. I love it !! My sweet devoted diaper sissy.,such a good girley ,girl πŸ™‚ . My petticoats wearing little Sissy, will always be my little sissy . This was such an amazing poem I wanted everybody to see it and to see just how devoted my crissy is ,;) talk soon

  20. dear paige would you like to see a black and a white take turns fucking ass bareback until they both cum inside my ass while you play with your beautiful pussy love kevin

  21. sissy miss crissy is once again feeling the need to express her gratitude for Most Perfect Mistress Paige’s treasured training! missy hopes these words will bring a smile to Queen Paige’s lovely face! She likes me to post my poems of praise online as a public display of my deep devotion, so here it is:

    A sweet girly-girl’s Gratitude for my Gorgeous, Glorious, Goddess !!

    Since becoming Mistress Paige’s prissy sissy miss
    My days are filled with such effeminate bliss!
    She’s helped me truly cherish and enjoy
    Being Her obedient, adoring submissive toy!
    When i hear Her sweetly giggle and tease
    i know She wants me on my knees
    Sweetly perfumed, in my frilliest dress
    My diapers filled with my gooey mess
    Helplessly trembling from the exquisite thrill
    Of knowing i’ve surrendered to Her all my free will

    Her wisdom and guidance helped me finally understand
    That I wasn’t meant to be a man
    The girlish desires I’d tried to fight
    I now embrace with sheer delight
    Under the spell of Her Feminine Grace
    My manhood gone without leaving a trace
    When i wake up, i imagine hearing the sound of Her voice
    Reminding me i no longer have a choice
    So i eagerly spend time day after day
    Perfecting my effeminate submissive ways
    Thoughts of Her beauty and erotic allure
    Have inspired my devotion , so girlishly pure! I know i don’t deserve to receive Her attention
    So giving obedient adoration is missy”s primary intention
    Thanks to Her sweet skilful training my feminine dreams
    Are coming true more often than ever it seems
    Mistress Paige truly exemplifies
    a sissy’s dream, the ultimate prize
    I’ll be the prissiest sissy forevermore
    Obeying the Goddess I’ll always adore

  22. My sweet Sissy Missy Chrissy , how happy it makes me , I love the poem. How happy it makes me how obedient you are. You always will be my little diaper Sissy Missy Chrissy , no more man for you !!from here on diapers , dresses , and Pretty Little white petticoats with little bit of lace, you make your mistress very proud

      missy is SO thrilled knowing that You have chosen her to kneel before You in obedient
      submissive servitude forever! Here is another public expression of Your prissy pansy’s
      passionate, permanent devotion!


      Words are inadequate to truly express
      sissy miss crissy’s newfound happiness
      After decades of tearful shame and despair
      her Precious Jennifer had answered her prayers
      Finally miss priss could safely reveal
      The effeminate nature she’d had to conceal
      But shortly thereafter her Sweet Beloved Wife
      Passed away, bringing such pain to crissy’s li fe
      What was this weak sissy-missy to do?
      Without a Mistress, without a clue?
      The web overflowed with dominant ads
      But none felt equal to the ,Mistress I’d had
      Being such a sissy, princess broke out in tears
      Helplessly messing her diapers in fear
      The women seemed greedy, vicious, and cruel
      crissy didn’t dare subject herself to their rules
      But then she noticed someone different and new
      A Perfect Mistress whose words rang so true
      miss priss found the courage to meekly reply
      Confessing the effeminate dreams she couldn’t deny
      Can you imagine the relief that filled sweet crissy’s mind
      When she heard Paige’s words, understanding and so kind
      Her hypnotic voice, so irresistibly strong
      Enslaved me at once like the siren’s song
      as i told of my prissy sissy diapered disgrace
      She let me know I’d found my proper place
      She giggled, before saying sternly “now crissy, You must understand
      Anyone can see you’re not, and will never be a man!
      Don’t cry, precious princess, Mistress Paige loves sweet sissies
      I’ll train you to be my perfect little missy
      You’re so girly already, just look in the mirror
      In wet gooey diapers, eyes dripping with tears
      And Only a truly emasculated wimp
      Would tell a strange woman how her little Clitty stays limp
      missy needn’t worry that she’ll be spanked or hurt
      As long as she stays on her knees in her diapers and frilly skirt
      Paige can tell Her pansy is utterly obedient and so laughably weak
      I’ll love giggling and teasing you when your dainty diapers leak
      miss priss doesn’t need discipline to become effeminate and prissy
      I can tell she’s the perfect example of a fully feminized sissy
      Your Mistress Paige has just the program My frilly flower needs
      Your permanent feminization is truly guaranteed”
      She broke into loud laughter, as i whimpered like a child
      Imagining Her lovely face glowing with the Beauty of Her smile!
      Suddenly totally effeminate feelings of contentment, joy and devotion
      Overwhelmed miss priss as Perfect Paige took
      possession of her emotions!
      “You’re MY crissy now, sweet girl, so let’s get something straight
      You’ll eagerly obey my every wish without any debate
      I love that you’re a diaper-dolly, in petticoats and dresses
      So when we speak You’ll be sure to kneel in your fragrant gooey messes
      I’ll never let princess forget that she’ll always be MY precious girly-girl
      Diapered, Perfumed and living in her frilly feminine world
      Your tiny sissy clitty, forever soft and sweet
      Will insure you stay weak and helpless while kneeling at My feet”
      Her imperious yet inviting words made missy mess herself once more
      Realizing she’d found the Queen she was born to always adore
      Ever since Perfect Paige and crissy had that fateful conversation
      missy has learned to love and cherish her life of permanent enasculation
      To properly finish, crissy wants to publicly repeat
      That nothing could surpass the honor of kneeling at Pretty, Perfect Paige’s feet
      Her treasured, sweet attention will never fail to succeed
      In giving true prissy sissies the humiliating guidance a
      pansy needs!

      1. sissy miss crissy can’t help it – her eternally effeminate mind overflows with desire, devotion, and delight at the slightest thought of her Magnificent Mistress, SO
        Her last response saying. Mistress Paige was proud of Her sweet, silly,
        sissy made miss priss mince, curtsy,
        and swish her petticoats like the frilly, femmy, flower Mistress Paige has skillfully molded her into! It’s so beautiful serving my Gorgeous Goddess!!❀

  23. Perfect Paige’s sissy miss crissy once again is compelled to publicly praise her Magnificent Mistress!



  24. I like strap ONS and then I would take a vibrator and hold it to the head of your cock and drive you completely nuts and fck you hard and deep

  25. Mmmm
    It has been awhile. When were you last strapped down and humiliated yourself?

    Thinking about calling you.

    Tell me what panties you have on.

  26. dear paige i would love to watch 63 year old veteran porn star sean micheals fuck all three of your holes then cum inside your ass yummy hes been fucking since eighty nine

  27. Hi Paige – do you do stinky pamper phone sex? Can I email you/DM you to set up a prompt for a call?

  28. kevin one of my little secrets, i absolutely love sensual sexy massages, your fingertips just strolling over my little butt cheeks.Hard cock touching my leg. OK!!! going in between my thighs just touching and teasing my pussy lips ,YESSSS!!! PLEASE


    L1)Mistress Paige wants sissy miss crissy to be as effeminate as possible, never again thinking of herself as anything but the prissy pansy she is, so she will sleep in diapers whenever possible, ensuring that she begins each day feeling properly effeminate, as weak and helpless as the precious, prissy little girl she’s kept hidden away!
    2)Next missy will kneel in her gooey mess(after rubbing her nappies to smear the fragrant slush all over her laughably limp little sissy clitty) and reciting her prissy pansy prayer:
    Thank You, Dearest Paige for granting missy the honor of being Your devoted, diapered, obedient girly-girl, and teaching me:
    A)that I have never been, and never will be, a man
    B) I am a genuine sissy in every way, and should embrace my love of diapers, frilly skirts, ruffles, lace, and perfume.
    C)most of all, since missy is utterly impotent, laughably effeminate, and views all women as superior to her, my proper place is kneeling in meek, submissive adoration before any female who desires an obedient, devoted sissy to amuse and serve Her!
    3)After changing into a fresh nappy, she will gaze adoringly at my photo and repeat 10 times:
    “Mistress Paige, My Most Perfect Queen, I happily pledge my eternal unquestioned obedience, delighted devotion, and Absolute adoration to You! my limp little clitty is Your property, and crissy is only permitted to touch it when thinking about You!!
    4)She will watch sissy impotence/humiliation hypnosis videos regularly to reinforce her new reality of life as Mistress Paige’s humiliatingly sweet, soft, submissive sissy miss
    5)When in private she will drink all liquids using her pink baby bottle (Whenever possible while laying on her back, or kneeling worshipfully gazing at Precious Paige’s Pretty Photo!)
    6)she will perform her virtual job ALWAYS diapered, perfumed, and fully dressed (except when on video)!
    6)she will spend all day in the same diaper, wiggling regularly to ensure that her gooey messes cover her clitty area completely!
    7)Each time princess messes herself, she will again gaze
    at my photo while meekly repeating “Most Perfect Mistress Paige, Your good girl is such a weak, helpless pansy but she cherishes being Your Prissy, Petticoated Princess! Each time miss priss wets herself, she is overcome with gracious, girly gratitude for Your Exquisitely Effective and Eternally Emasculating Guidance teaching me to accept and cherish my true sissy self!”
    8)she will practice curtsies, mincing shyly (of course, with her wrists limply hanging down) before the mirror, while chanting(in her softest, most effeminate voice, complete with a sweet lisp) ” sweet miss priss loves lacey ribbons and girlish bows; I’m perfumed and precious from head to toes ”
    9)she will call her Divine Mistress as often as possible, and on those days will
    A)hold her pee and messes for as long as possible beforehand, awaiting Paige’s permission to mess herself B)she is not permitted to touch or stroke her sissy clitty without Mistress’s blessing
    C) prissy miss crissy, being the eternally impotent pansy she is, may never again look at naked women, unless watching an impotence/emasculation video where stern, giggling women verbally humiliate her for her effeminate helplessness!
    Whenever she sees a pretty girl, on TV, in a magazine, or in person, missy will say to herself: ” sissy miss crissy could never satisfy a woman sexually” while imagining women’s loud, arrogant laughter reducing her to tears! she will practice speaking in a soft girl’s voice, and begin thinking in that voice.
    10) At bedtime, crissy will kneel and express her devotion to Mistress Paige, the Embodiment of True Feminine Perfection!

    1. My very devoted little Missy Chrissy, yes you follow your 10 commandments very very well. Making your mistress very proud. And your pink little dresses and your little petticoats such a good little petticoat Princess you are. And you kneel down before me such a good girly girl

    1. it will be back, waiting on the software guy to get it back up and running again. hoping by mid may if not sooner. fingers crossed!

  30. dear paige i would love to have black porn star sean michaels get you pregnant then have him fuck my ass after his done with you love kevin

  31. dear paige i would you too fuck the living shit out me with your black strapon with balls force me to turn gay completey love kevin

  32. This is sissy miss crissy, Most Perfect Mistress Paige’s utterly effeminate diaper-dolly. Once again, this prissy princess feels the need to publicly praise her Glorious Goddess (and of course Mistress enjoys my posting these words on Her page, allowing others to see evidence of my obedient submission and delighted devotion to Her! Publishing my confessions also fills me with the humiliation She’s taught me a sissy like me needs)

    After 30 years of closet crossdressing, i met Jennifer (my second wife, who not only accepted my
    sissy desires, but enjoyed having a loving, limp girly-girl who showered Her with affection, devotion and obedience. When She unexpectedly passed away a few years ago, i never thought i would find another woman who would understand and accept me, but after researching online options, i luckily found Precious Paige, and immediately fell under the spell of Her erotic, exotic, hypnotic words and emasculating (yet SO enticing!!) giggling and teasing reminders of my proper role as Her frilly, femmy flower!!!
    Today missy will detail the powerful, permanent life-changing results of Princess Paige’s truly treasured training, eternally emasculating education, and wonderful words.


    1)Most important, from our first “play-date”, Her genuine Feminine Superiority, intimate understanding of my deepest effeminate desires, and obvious enjoyment of reminding me what a pitifully prissy pansy i was left me helpless to resist the compulsion to surrender my mind, body, soul, my emotions and devotion, (and of course the last vestiges of my masculinity) to Her
    Unequaled Feminine Perfection!
    2) Having convinced me that I HAD NEVER BEEN, OR EVER WOULD BE, a real man, She taught me to stop trying to deny my sweet, sissy desires, my lifelong need to wear the frilliest, laciest lingerie, dresses and smother myself in fragrant girlish perfume; letting me not just accept, but CHERISH being Her sweet sissy-missy! No longer would i be ashamed of being a petticoated pantywaist!
    3) Likewise, She not only approved of my equally shameful diaper dreams, but insisted that missy increase her diaper use, with 2 immediately obvious effects:
    A) Daily diaper-messing greatly reinforced my sissified, weak identity as a helplessly humiliated girly-girl
    B) Each time i meekly mess or wet myself, i am reminded of Paige’s beauty, wisdom, and power, keeping Her on my mind hour after hour. As i soak my diaper with my smelly, gooey wastes, i imagine Her Lovely Smile and Laughter expressing approval and delight at my
    4) i had been fully impotent for decades, filling me with tears of shame, but Mistress showed miss priss that being laughably limp and utterly unable to function sexually as a real man should fill sissykins with effeminate satisfaction and joy knowing she truly belongs in petticoats, panties and diapers kneeling at all women’s feet in humble, humiliation and absolute adoration
    5) Finally having learned to love being Her prissy pansy, diapered daily and delightfully devoted to Her, crissy now regularly strives to be the most obedient, effeminate, devoted disciple of her
    Magnificent Mistress,

    Thank everyone who reads my unworthy essay- In truth, words are inadequate to properly describe Mistress Paige’s Glorious Gifts and Unequalled Feminine Splendor!
    sissy miss crissy
    Paige’s prissy pansy in Pampers

    1. my sweet little prissy Crissy,i loved it ,very good ,:) your obedient and submission is so great!!!!and you will always be my little diaper dolly

    being such a perfectly prissy, laughably limp and wonderfully weak girly-girl belonging to her Most Perfect Mistress Paige, sissy miss crissy regularly posts her words of praise, adoration, and devotion on this website. Yesterday being Mother’s Day, miss priss realized her Divine Goddess
    should be recognized, because:
    1) Mothers usually hold complete power from their sweet little girls-As Mistress Paige holds complete power over me!
    2)These frilly flowers are devoted and obedient to Mommy, As i am with Mistress Paige!
    3)Since Precious Paige has reinforced and increased my diaper use, crissy is obviously a baby
    girl in need of a Mommy’s guidance and discipline!
    4) The slightest exposure to Her Erotic, Exotic Hypnotic voice (and SO sweet, yet SO emasculating giggles!) reduces missy to Her whimpering, helpless, submissive slave- like a child!

    The point is, My Mistress is also my Mommy, so Her Devoted Diaper=Dolly wants to wish Her Happy Mother’s Day from Her prissy princess!


    Thanks to two years of lovely “playdates” with Most Perfect Mistress Paige, sissy miss crissy is feeling SO SWEET, SO EFFEMINATE, and UTTERLY EMASCULATED as she kneels meekly in her wet, gooey, smelly diapers! My GLORIOUS GODDESS has taught miss priss to never again feel shame for her sissy behavior since I’ve never been, and never will be, a real man! crissy now cherishes each minute spent in frilly skirts, perfume and diapers! After 20 years of tears for my impotence, She’s helped me see that my limp little clitty is adorably appropriate for a pansy like me! THANK YOU MY QUEEN FOR GENTLY GUIDING ME TO THE HUMILIATING FEMINIZED REALITY OF SISSY BLISS!
    crissy doesn’t miss being able to get erect, since she has no desire to penetrate a woman!
    Paige’s gir;ly=girl dreams only of orally adoring Her feet, ass or pussy while the thought of licking and sniffing Her most soiled panties would be a privilege beyond compare! I’ll always be Your good girl, Mistress Paige!!

  35. Thank You !!! πŸ™‚ it has been a great 2 years ,And you will always be my little Crissy ..and i know what makes that little limp clitty do inie cummies πŸ˜‰

  36. i wanna be your sissyboy sex slave who you pimp out to different black guys around the chicago area mistress paige love kevin

  37. dear paige i would love to watch you get your pussy eaten out by another woman maybe jasmine tiffany or veronica he would you pick to eat your beautiful pussy love kevin

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