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Got a kinky fantasy!!!!!

I have some pretty dirty ones!!!! Wonder if you can keep up with me???

Since I’m into ANYTHING & EVERYTHING, it’s going to be hard

Let Paige explore your deepest dirtiest desires and try to take them ever deeper and dirtier.

Didn’t think that was possible? Well won’t you be surprised!


There is nothing I won’t do to please you! Just call and find out πŸ˜‰

From Facials to Anal or Orgies to Feminization, I do everything in between

Dirty up your imagination and call me!

I can Roleplay and pretend to be ANYONE you want me to be.

Want me to be that naughty girl next door or that kinky baby sitter????

I can’t wait to play with you!

60 thoughts on “Paige

  1. Paige and I have been having a blast since October of 2015. The fun just keeps on coming. I can’t wait to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.

  2. Good morning baby. I miss our stimulating conversations. What is your availability throughout today? I am in CST and would be available after 12:45. What will work for you? Can’t wait.

    1. hey Lon!!! miss playing with u to.. call me anytime!!! just ask dispatcher for me can always usually ask for me anytime .. hope we can talk soon .. cant wait to play!!!

  3. Paige is a total babe! I always enjoy talking to her, especially when she wears her black thigh boots. Keep rocking them baby. I’ll be calling ya soon darling, have your boots ready!

    1. CARLO , ready to put these new boots I got today on for you.. cant wait to tell you all about them. play time !! call me

  4. Hey hey hey Paige. I will be calling you next week. Maybe we can do a 30 minute chat? Please slip on your black thigh boots baby and I’ll talk to you then darling.

    1. HEY CARLO!!30 min sounds awesome. I cant wait!i will be all ready..IN MY BLACK my thighs waiting for you.cant wait .talk soon… p

    1. Hi kevin, you can email me anytime just go to my page down below there is a place for you to email me I check my emails daily and often .I’m always here just call dispatch ask for me anytime…You know me kevin I am very kinky and open minded love to get dirty:) and I love crossdressers;) CALL ME SOON!!!!!!

  5. i would love to have you become a oreo cookie a black cock in your ass and pussy at the same time then cum inside bareback

  6. Most Perfect Mistress Paige ❀️ truly embodies the essence of Genuine Feminine Superiority! Equally important, She understands a sissy’s mind and
    enjoys administering the emasculating humiliation and training a prissy pansy

  7. l would love for us too get fucked by at least 12 well hung black guys at a party drinking beer and smoking weed love kevin

  8. Mistress Paige. I can not wait to be used by you and ANYONE else that you want to use me. I love being your bitch boi.

    1. yes we can !!! πŸ™‚ both of us would love to play with you us soon ,just ask the dispatcher. she will set up the call with both me and Blair 2 girl call, a dispatcher will take care of it then we will have so much fun call us soon

  9. I was reluctant to try a phone service, but as soon as I heard Mistress Paige’s sweet yet SO commanding voice, I knew I had found a genuine dominant Goddess! Her skillful guidance (and the obvious pleasure she derives from feminizing sissies like me) never fails to bring a smile to my face! Being here her obedient girly-girl is the sweetest gift a sissy miss could ever receive!

      1. Perfect Princess Paige’s treasured training provided this prissy pansy with an oasis of joy in the desert of despair that was 2020!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, MOST PRECIOUS MISTRESS!!!

  10. l would love to watch you get fucked by black porn star shane diesel a very dark skin black porn fucking al three of your holes bareback love kevin

    1. yes Kevin ,and i want you right there to watch he take that big dark cock ,i will let you know just how good it feels;) kisses P

  11. Paige, I sent you an email, and I just wanted to confirm that you received it, and that you please reply to it. Thank You! Pampers Baby Scottie

    PS; Could you please check with the dispatcher if I have any minutes left over. I emailed the
    dispatcher at Pleasure Playpen yesterday, but did not get a response. Thank You!

    1. Hi Scottie, if you call the dispatcher she will inform you of how much you have in your account she will also call me anytime .Ask for Paige !! It would be a lot faster just to call the dispatcher ask her how much time you have and that you would like to talk to me can’t wait to talk to you and have fun . my little Pamper baby Scotty call me soon if you go on the website pleasure play pen the phone number is right there .A dispatcher is available 24/7 so never be shy just call and ask for me .kisses p

    1. That would be so much fun ,!!! I know how much you like getting fcked by my big strapon πŸ˜‰ call me soon.kisses p

  12. lol ,no Kevin im fine πŸ™‚ im here any time , ask for me!!!!!!! ,call me soon…NOT PREGNANT ,NOT SICK!!!!LOL …always here πŸ˜‰ always always feeling like the naughty girl that I am,. Can’t wait to get naughty with you ,so call me as soon as you can xoxoxo p

  13. Most Perfect Mistress Paige, receiving
    Your sweet, (yet stern!) guidance is so much more than this prissy pansy ever imagined she would find! I’ll be Your good little girl forever!

  14. Every wonderful *playdate” with Most Perfect Mistress Paige is an erotic adventure, a rare gift of pleasure which never fails to leave Her good girl basking in the joy and serenity of serving a Truly Superior Feminine Queen?

  15. dear paige would you want me in another guy double penetrate you together and where would want my cock in your pussy or ass love kevin

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