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Got a kinky fantasy!!!!!

I have some pretty dirty ones!!!! Wonder if you can keep up with me???

Since I’m into ANYTHING & EVERYTHING, it’s going to be hard

Let Paige explore your deepest dirtiest desires and try to take them ever deeper and dirtier.

Didn’t think that was possible? Well won’t you be surprised!


There is nothing I won’t do to please you! Just call and find out 😉

From Facials to Anal or Orgies to Feminization, I do everything in between

Dirty up your imagination and call me!

I can Roleplay and pretend to be ANYONE you want me to be.

Want me to be that naughty girl next door or that kinky baby sitter????

I can’t wait to play with you!

68 thoughts on “Paige

  1. Paige and I have been having a blast since October of 2015. The fun just keeps on coming. I can’t wait to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.

  2. Good morning baby. I miss our stimulating conversations. What is your availability throughout today? I am in CST and would be available after 12:45. What will work for you? Can’t wait.

    1. hey Lon!!! miss playing with u to.. call me anytime!!! just ask dispatcher for me can always usually ask for me anytime .. hope we can talk soon .. cant wait to play!!!

  3. Paige is a total babe! I always enjoy talking to her, especially when she wears her black thigh boots. Keep rocking them baby. I’ll be calling ya soon darling, have your boots ready!

  4. Hey hey hey Paige. I will be calling you next week. Maybe we can do a 30 minute chat? Please slip on your black thigh boots baby and I’ll talk to you then darling.

    1. HEY CARLO!!30 min sounds awesome. I cant wait!i will be all ready..IN MY BLACK my thighs waiting for you.cant wait .talk soon… p

  5. I’m in love every time I talk to this beauty. It’s been a long time though. I’m itching to call you again. I’ll be wearing your panties next to time.

    1. Im thinking you should go ahead and put those panties on . AND CALL ME !!!its been to long and im ready to play.hope we talk soon .miss u

  6. My first and one of my best phone sex experiences began years ago on Pleasure Playpen with Stacey. Most recently, Paige has become one of my ATFs — she is sensual, creative, intelligent, sweet, sultry, and sizzling. Pleasure Playpen is one of the best PSO companies available–they provide outstanding customer service at a bargain rate and with top-notch PSOs such as Paige there’s no reason to try those other overpriced and sometimes deceptive numbers. Thanks, Paige, for the fun time last call and all the boundaries we will cross together during calls to come.

    1. Colin,

      thank you so much for such an amazing review of our site!! i really do appreciate it and we certainly do appreciate that you keep coming back. We must be doing something right!! if you have any suggestions on how we can improve, we are always willing to listen!


  7. Paige is the girl of my dreams, (wet ones of course I just bought all your mp3s can’t wait to download them, just got off the phone with you. You made me cum soooooooo good as usual god I can’t believe how hot you are I love you to death.

    Markie bear

  8. Paige is hands down the best there is. She’s the total package smart sexy and sooo much fun. I would give more than 5 stars on a review if I could. She aims to please and I have never been disappointed.

  9. Miss Paige , this is Sam or Samantha, I wanted to follow through with what I said I was going to do, sorry I’m late, I want everyone to know what a complete cocksucking sissy slut faggot I have been transformed into. I am no longer a man and have been turned out by you and now I know I’m a cocksucking sissy bitch cum loving faggot. I will do anything you say and you know I am your humiliated pathetic limp clitty crossdressing sissy!

    1. Hi Kevin.good will be so good .go get you some of that biggg black cock .call me and tell me all about it .call me soon

  10. hi my prissy sissy!! you should take a look on the forum page on secret phone girls lol .i wanted everybody to know what a good little sissy you really are .a sexy cum loving faggot crossdressing sissy and yesss a limp little makes me so happy u do everything i have told you to do .i told you when you join secret phone girls it would be much humiliation to come lol

      1. mike me im so ready to have fun with you..THE THINGS I WILL DO TO YOU …LOL!!! YOU THINK YOUR TURNED ON NOW .JUST WAIT

  11. Hello Goddess Paige
    I am feeling really naughty and thought a 3some would be fun. Who do you want our 3rd to be? Matt, Taylor, or maybe someone else. Let me know. I wana have some fun.

    1. Hey William im thinking Matt really any of the guys .all of them are pretty hot ..the fun we are going to me soon! kisses p.

  12. Hi, Paige! Umm, I’m autistic. So I don’t know how all this works. But is there any way that I can talk to all of you girls on here for free?
    P.S. You and Megan are extremely beautiful!
    For my curiosity:
    How old are you and Megan?
    What are y’all’s last names?
    When’s y’all’s dates of birth?

  13. Paige is one of my all-time-favorites (from any playpen). Recently, when I called she was working as dispatcher, and I was disappointed she was not available to take my call and play, but the thoughtful, witty, and genuinely kind attention she gave me in finding an available operator she could recommend to me (because she pays attention and remembers her callers and what they enjoy) demonstrates what a lovely woman she is–not just her obvious outer beauty but also her sparkling inner beauty. First-rate folks such as Paige are why Pleasure Playpen has long been my favorite Phone Sex site. Thank you again, Paige.

    1. i want you to put on some pretty pink panties ..and the things im going to make you do to my strapon ..before i fck you ..SO MUCH FUN .

  14. That was so much fun!!!!!!!!!! please cum soon..hehe call me soonI got cum on my mind.Kevin you are always so much fun

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