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  1. Neva
    good afternoon darling how are you? I love your photos. are you working this weekend? I would love to talk to you if possible.
    do you have any favorite roleplays you can tell me about. I was thinking maybe next door neighbor or delivery boy (pizza maybe or something else) or one of my mom’s friends and you have not seen me in a long time but you like what you see. let me know if those are okay or if you have an idea for something.

    1. Yes, i should be working this weekend. and all of those sound fun, but i dont think i’ve done a pizza delivery boy! let’s do that!

  2. good evening darling my birthday is next weekend do you guys do anything special for birthday boys? would you have any surprises for me? also how old are you if you do not mind me asking? how big are your breasts? I would guess at least an E or F cup but not sure but I would sure love to measure them. have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Hi Jeff!! Yes, we do have a 10 minute free session for when it’s your birthday. just call into the dispatcher to set it up! And I would love having you measure my tits! i’m 29 years old btw


  3. Neva
    you look lovely honey how was your weekend? would it be okay if I treated you like a lady. do you like chivalry?
    how do you like your men? please let me know it is important to me. is the pizza delivery okay or do you want to do
    something else. another one I was thinking was boss/employee where we have a business meeting and you are the boss and maybe we go over the monthly or quarterly reports what do you think honey? have a wonderful week and I will be thinking about your breasts. also if we were to do a two girl call do you have any friends you could recommend. have a wonderful day.

    1. hi jeff!! I cant wait to talk to the boss!! all if it sounds great to me..i love getting so naughty.. and I love u like my tits. loved them played with ..please call me soon!!!! have a great day . and please call me soon.. just ask dispatcher for me . and she will take good care of you . call soon!!! I’m ready for you

      1. jeff that call was so fun .. love it when you play boy next door.. and when u lick my pussy.hope we can play soon.. you are so much fun . and you make my pussy so wet.. hope we can play again soon.. neva

  4. Neva
    I loved our call honey thank you so much. I wanted to give you some ideas for roleplays. one is where I work at a grocery store, gas station, etc. we meet and I ask you if you need help with groceries or gas. you say yes I take out your groceries and tell you we have a new program for your groceries where the bag boys go home with the customers. we go back to your place I help you
    put your groceries away and you say you have a tip for me. you take my head in your chest and I enjoy it we kiss and make out and you enjoy it. you give me a huge tip and I say thank you and want you to come back soon.
    the other one is where I am dating your daughter and she wants me to meet you I call you and I am nervous. I tell you my schedule and we set a time to meet at your house. I come over and you invite me in. we talk and discuss a few things your daughter wants me to come over for dinner one evening. we come over and are relaxing and having a wonderful time you call me back to the kitchen because you need help with things. I come in and you undo your bra and your breasts are huge. I ask you about the fruit basket and whipped cream. you say you enjoyed it and have some cream left over. you put some on your breasts and my cock. we lick and suck it off and really enjoy it. after a few minutes we go back to dinner and leave later. I tell your daughter that I forgot something and need to go back into the house. I come in and you give me a slow, deep, long, wet kiss we enjoy it and you tell me you will call me to set up another time when we can get together. I leave and tell you bye and kiss your hands. you enjoy it and think it is sexy. take care neva and have a wonderful weekend.

    1. jeff, I think we should play where I meet my daughters boy friend, that’s sounds so sexy .. love that kiss .. cant wait to play again. call me soon . neva

  5. Neva
    good afternoon darling if I come over and bring your daughter what will you fix us? I heard you are a great cook. also would you like me to help you with desert or not. please let me know honey. your daughter and I are looking forward to coming over and I am looking so forward to seeing you again. I did want to ask you how do you feel about two girl calls? do you know Kim or Grace? I have an idea for a two girl call with us. have a wonderful weekend and I will be thinking about your breasts. what part of my body will you be thinking about? please let me know pretty please.


  6. Neva
    I would love pasta can you make that special sauce that your daughter has told me about? would it be okay if I came over and met you before I bring your daughter to see you. I can dress in jeans and a tee shirt if you like. if you like what you see would you help me with my shirt. can not wait to meet you and what are we going to have for desert I can not wait to taste it. have a wonderful week and a great thanksgiving.

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