Have a secret kinky confession you need to make?
No one knows who you really are?


Having the same kinky dream over and over again?
Sounds like me!!
I have this REALLY naughty fantasy I’d love to tell you about… it involves me going into a church and masturbating in front of the whole congregation!
Want to hear more?

Tell me all about those dreams and maybe I’ll share with you one of my kinky dreams.




GFE… Slave and Master…. Professor / Student…. Humiliation….Taboo play…. and more!

I’m open minded and willing to listen to whatever you have to say
From vanilla conversations to the extra kinky ones, your call is always welcomed


I could give you a list of all of the things that I like, but that list would go on for days 😉

4 thoughts on “Kendall

    1. I thought you said that you had a real naughty fantasy. I got all excited. Then I started reading a Dr. seuss story you wrote as your real naughty fantasy. I was so disappointed…. then I thought bout it and felt better cuz I used sliding scale as barometer for grading .I gave it easy scale comparison by thinking about what the Bible belt would think about as a the I r version of real naughty fantasy and realized that those last 2 words are never ever even uttered verbally or thought of in their minds.their most outlandish idea of “taboo” would bea young woman without her long white gloves on her hands……then I decided to take your Dr. Seuss version and refresh it, by masturbating in front of the whole congregation at a Bible belt church..this of course compels your fantasy to be real naughty but now on steroids. My mistake earlier was comparing that scenario to one that I conjured up which has common ground with yours in one little area, that starts and ends at the front church door……sliding scale suggests Dr..Seuss.for yours which i think you’ll agree once you see what it was up against objectively speaking…..
      Care to know more???
      Amanda is not necessarily proud of Deeming masturbation in front of the entire congregation to Dr. Seuss children’s book, acknowledging the action you state as a pretty naughty day at the church. It’s just in the sliding scale comparisons which had the common denominators of a day at church, both involving a Service and full house….
      Wanna know more Kendall?

  1. I like the hips in that pic with the gray pants and the one bent over in the black panties.
    You get on much?
    I bet you got a wide but tight butt.
    Let’s do a call.

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