Looking for motivated people who are looking to work and  make money!
CALL: 702-513-4221 – leave a message, if we like your voice we will call you back and go over all the information and send you the application package



Full time is 40 or more hours of log in time per week
You will be placed on two sides of our company to maximize your earning potential (just about double of what you’d make part time).
Pay is $.30/minute for NiteFlirt AND $.40/minute for Dispatch
You work both Niteflirt and Dispatch at the same time, so if one of them is slow, the other will hopefully be busy.  So that you have as little down time as possible



Part time is 20-39 hours per week of log in time.
You will be placed on just our dispatch side of the company
Pay is $.40/minute



Legal Name: OYS, LLC
dba: Pleasure Playpen
Direct Dial and Dispatch
Las Vegas, NV
Opened 2008
Female owned and operated



1.   You are an independent contractor and are responsible for your own taxes.  We send you a 1099 at the end of the year
2.    Pay is twice a month either by direct deposit or check in the mail, whichever you prefer
3.    No set schedule or hours, log on and off as you choose.  We use NiteFlirt as an electronic form of sign on, so you will log in over the phone and our dispatchers will see when you are on or off
4.    You do not need a land line, as long as you have a good signal, you can work from a cell phone
5.    No trolling, we do all the advertising
6.    No computer needed, but you should have access to your email as we do send out notices about bonuses and tips and tricks
7.    Experience preferred but not required, we have helped many a newbie grow in this business!
8.    Must have long distance
9.  NiteFlirt calls are directly connected to you through an 800 # and an extension and Dispatch for calls you do need to call the client back
10.  Not currently hiring men
11.  Cannot hire from outside the U.S.