I may look sweet and innocent, but there is a wild side to me.

I love to talk about all things naughty and taboo.

There isn’t anything that doesn’t get my pussy nice and wet.

Think you can tame this hot chick. I’d like to see you try.

Give me a call and I promise you and your cock will fall in love with me.

31 thoughts on “Jasmine

  1. Jasmine, I enjoyed chatting with you last night. It was relaxing to just have a regular chat. As I stated to you, the past few weeks have been very tough emotionally…and due to that I just could not get in that “pleasure zone”… but…again I really enjoyed the regular convo that we had!
    I’ll definitely call again!

  2. Another amazing call last night.

    Jasmine will rock your mind!

    Finally went for it and there is no going back for me, Jasmine has my first of many pictures and has been given permission to use it.

    So excited for another call to continue our journey.

    My tiny pamper pee pee belongs in diapers.

    Call her, she never disappoints.

    -P H

    1. As always my little pamper princess
      You know you belong in those crinkled little things! They’re perfect for you!! Make your sissy leaks !!
      Mommy Jasmine

  3. Such a HOT call Kevin, Talking about You, Paige , & I being sluts for BBC . I love talking to you about it . Us pimping you out , using you !! Sissy Kevvy getting used , BBC CUM DUMPSTER!!!
    Jizzy Jazz

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