Here are items I have for sale:

Are you looking for a woman who is up for anything?

Well look no further, my name is Blair ​​ I am a horny and kinky woman who is up for anything and everything. ​ ​

I love to please my man and keep him cumming back for more!

  • I LOVE
  • Oral Sex
  • Humiliation
  • Feminization
  • Anal Sex
  • Tease and Denial
  • Spanking
  • Group Sex
  • Adult Babies

I love to feminize and play with and create sissies and baby sissies

I have played with couples as a baby and as a mommy.

I have experience with cloth and disposable diapers

Role Playing and whatever else or kinky minds can come up with!

Want to learn what else I like? You’ll have to call to find out!


I love to catch you in my dirty laundry and punish you.  It turns me on to see you in lingerie.

So dress up and I get photos and use them to force you to go further than you ever could alone, but have always wanted to!

I’m a mommy who knows all about how to handle her baby boys… both coddling and punishments, and who’s well diverse in cloth and disposable diapers.

27 thoughts on “Blair

  1. offered herself up and I consumed her. Pure raw sex appeal. Total package. she is fun to play with. do yourself a solid she is a cameleon. Best spent hour in a while. Guys give yourself time to really appreciate the skills. I will be back once my cock recovers the beating it got. Blare you nailed it.

  2. Blair is as good as it gets–she is smart, sexy, savvy, sassy, sensual, and soooo simpatico. No body part more important on the phone than our brains, and Blair has both brains and bod. I give her just a few hints about my mood, and she inclines her lovely self fully in my direction and takes me places I’ve never been before, but because she is my erotic tour guide I always enjoy how she makes sensory contact brand-new again.

    1. Thank you Colin, you are always so much fun to play with, we always create erotic new scenarios to explore our sensuality in. It takes two baby, thank you!

    1. Anytime I am not dispatching they can try to reach me. I dispatch Wednesday 8AM to 8PM, Thursday 6PM to 10PM, Friday 6PM to 3AM, and Saturday &PM to 3AM, all pacific times.

    1. Anytime I am not dispatching they can try to reach me. I dispatch Wednesday 8AM to 8PM, Thursday 6PM to 10PM, Friday 6PM to 3AM, and Saturday &PM to 3AM, all pacific times.

  3. Blair is one of my 2-3 favorite PSOs of all time, here and on other sites. After a recent call with her, I thought about how consistently she is at the top of her game. Over the few years I’ve enjoyed talking with her, she has never had an off day. Regardless what her state of mind may be, Blair always acts as if there’s nothing she’d rather be doing than talking with me. And she does just that: talks with ME–meaning that she remembers me and focuses on me. I would appreciate and value that in any interaction, but in this business of the auditory, erotic imagination nothing is more important. Regardless of what may be happening in my real world, I can call Blair and count on being transported into pleasurable distraction in our shared fictive world. Kudos, Blair, not just for charm and wit and sensuality but for charm and wit and sensuality every minute of every time I call you.

  4. Blair, You just get better and better. I loved the excursion you recently booked for the two of us–what a memorable adventure. I cannot wait to cross other boundaries with you. Classy, intelligent, sensual, and down right delectable, you’re a lovely and erotic partner in play. Wherever we travel together, you always give me a new, earth-moving experience. I have my passport to pleasure up to date. –XXXs, Colin–aka “Whimsical.”

  5. Blair do you know how many times I’ve had to buy a new phone because you’ve melted mine, a guy hasn’t lived until he’s made you cum glorious

  6. One of the most sensual and erotic women I know, Blair is an aural courtesan whose unconstrained mind, sweetly-sultry voice, and lusty laugh traverse the miles as if she were right there with you–always warm, always willing. A true libertine, salacious and titillating (double entendre intended), she is sexually multi-faceted. I called her recently, and she subtly orchestrated our initial, friendly conversation into a wantonly-wicked and deliciously-depraved role play that she had obviously invented just for me. Her transition from just talking into delightful debauchery was seamless. A stunning concubine with whom I yearn to be abandoned, Blair has a naughty imagination that knows no limits. Beautifully orgiastic, she’s taken me on many explosively erogenous journeys. Love ya’, Blair.

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