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We have created a point system for you to earn points to use towards calls
Think of it like when you go to a arcade, you take all your raffle tickets and redeem them for prizes, except here, you redeem your points for free minutes.  You can add them up and redeem them at any time, they are not automatically redeemed, you have to ask the dispatcher to use your points.
Every day, we will go through and put your points in so you can call in and ask the dispatchers how many you have
Here are the breakdown for how you can earn points and what they get you
PRIZE: for every 100 points you earn, you can redeem them for 10 FREE minutes of phone sex
1 pt – for every call you make (no matter the limit)
1 pt – for every 10 minutes you do
1 pt – for paying online
1 pt – for purchasing something from our store:
1 pt – for leaving feedback on the website (any of them)
2 pts – for talking for 50 minutes straight (with one girl)
3 pts for talking to a featured girl (coming soon)
5 pts – for talking for 100 minutes straight (with one girl)
5 pts – for purchasing a monthly membership to and an additional 5 pts for every month you have it
35 pts – for purchasing a 6 month membership to
70 pts – for purchasing a 1 year membership to
Redeem the points when you hit 100, or keep them longer
Additional point options will be coming and some may change.  Keep your eye on these posts for more news!

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