HI ALL!! I’m Nevaeh (pronounced Na – Vay – Ah) and I am new to the phone sex scene. But don’t you worry! I have an incredibly kinky mind!

I have a lot of personal experience to build from, so you will have an amazing time with me! So don’t be shy when telling me your fantasies!
I am ready to get nasty with you!


Want to train this newby? Or experience what I have to offer
I am so looking forward to hearing all the many fantasies my other phone sex friends have been telling me about!


Here is a short list of some of the things I’d like to get into:
Barely Legal
Forced Gay
Taboo Roleplays
Submission (either way)
Foot worship – I LOVE having my toes sucked on!
Ass Worship
Strap-on Play
Submission and Domination
Mutual Masturbation