The Doctor Is In!

Hello Sexy! You have just entered my office of erotic pleasures!
My name is Athena, and I am named after the Goddess of Wisdom and War in Greek Mythology
I am the *Real Life* Sex Therapist for You !

Yes, I am a real life highly experienced PhD. Sex Therapist and I came to this site to learn more about how Men truly think and feel about sex and I was instantly hooked.



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Do you suppress and hide your deepest sexual fantasies and desires? I have a truly melodic voice, and I am highly auditory; the sound of you is very important to me!

How you think, feel, and experience sex is far more important to me than your looks! Yes, I too admire a lovely body, but in my world, you are not confined, nor restricted by the body, you reside in.

I believe a man’s mind is a treasure chest waiting to be opened and explored!
Make no mistake, I am the real deal.
I listen to your needs intently.




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My home office in a judgement free zone: I don’t want you to hold back or hide things from me: You are safe to share all your sexual secrets with Me

My therapy couch, highly educated sultry sexy brain, and long lovely legs are always open for you!

Call now and allow me, Doctor Athena, to tend to your sexual needs.



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